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Following is a complete listing of the fine art prints reference books in our inventory as of the date listed at the bottom of this page. We will make every attempt to keep this listing up to date in terms of availability and price, but the books are offered subject to availability and it is possible that prices have changed. We will notify all purchasers of any changes prior to filling an order.

To order, contact us by phone, fax, regular post or e-mail. Please note that prices do not include shipping or tax. Shipping will be billed at cost and an 8% tax applied to all orders shipped to Pennsylvania.

Should you be seeking a reference book not listed here, please contact us. It is possible we have acquired this volume since the list was updated and if not, we would be happy to keep your interest on file. We would be interested to hear of any in-print fine art reference books you think we should consider carrying.


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Clinton Adams. American Lithographers 1900-1960. The Artists and their Printers. Albuquerque, 1983. Cloth. $120.00

Matthew Baigell. Thomas Cole. New York, 1985. Paper. Out of print. With 32 color plates, this book when published was the first large-scale illustrated monograph tracing Cole's evolution as the greatest American landscape painter of the first half of the nineteenth century. $15.00

Alfred Bendiner. Music to My Eyes. Philadelphia, 1952. Cloth. Out of Print. Inscribed copy with original Bendiner watercolor laid in. Fond and humorous caricatures of 20th century musical luminaries. $225

Alfred Bendiner. Bendiner's Philadelphia. Philadelphia, 1964. Second printing. Out of print. Very good condition. Images of Philadelphia by Bendiner, many previously published in the Philadelphia Bulletin. $25.00

Harry Bober. Jan Van Vliet's Book of Crafts and Trades: With a Reappraisal of His Etchings. Early American Industries Association. Albany, 1981. Paper, in cloth binder with portfolio of 18 prints. The complete series on arts and trades produced in 1635 by this little-studied Dutch associate of Rembrandt's. $24.00

Edward Bryant. Pennell's New York Etchings. 90 Prints by Joseph Pennell. New York, 1980. Paper. This volume provides full-page reproductions of each print, with an introductory essay on Pennell and informative notes on each image. Includes bibliography. $7.95

Thomas Craven. A Treasury of American Prints. A Selection of One Hundred Etchings and Lithographs by the Foremost Living American Artists. New York, 1939. Cloth, slipcased. $75.00

Albert Garrett. A History of Wood Engraving. London, 1978. Cloth. An extensively illustrated and wide ranging history, strong on twentieth-century prints. $65.00

Carol Hogben & Rowan Watson, eds. From Manet to Hockney. Modern Artists' Illustrated Books. Great Britain, 1985. Paper. This catalogue represents a selection of the holdings of the National Art Library in the Victoria and Albert Museum. Generously illustrated in color and b&w. $36.00

Linda C. Hults. The Print in the Western World. An Introductory History. Madison, 1996. Cloth. A comprehensive survey of Western printmaking from the 15th century to the present day. Intended as a college textbook, this volume includes detailed examinations of the artists and methods of each period. Generously illustrated, and concluding with a glossary of printmaking terms. $75.00

John Ittman. Dox Thrash. An African American Master Printmaker Rediscovered. Philadelphia, 2001. Cloth. Fully illustrated, informative catalogue raisonné including all 188 prints that Thrash produced, from the groundbreaking show at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. $50.00

William M. Ivins, Jr. Notes on Prints. New York, 1930. Cloth. Reproduces the prints and accompanying labels prepared for an exhibition from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. $40.00

June Kysilko Kraeft & Norman Kraeft. Armin Landeck. The Catalogue Raisonné of His Prints. Carbondale, Illinois, 1994. Cloth. Second edition, revised and enlarged. $65.00

Michel Melot, Antony Griffiths, Richard S. Field, and Andre Beguin. Prints. History of an Art. Geneva, 1981. Cloth. A sumptuous treatment of the print, with sections devoted to the nature of the print, the role of the artist, and contemporary methods. Well illustrated in both color and b & w. $125.00

Joseph Pennell. The Graphic Arts. Modern Men and Modern Methods. Chicago, 1920. Cloth. $60.00

Joseph Pennell. Etchers and Etching. New York, 1936. Cloth. Dust jacket torn. $35.00

Memorial Exhibition of the Works of the Late Joseph Pennell. Philadelphia, 1926. Cloth. $65.00

Domenico Porzio, ed. Lithography: 200 Years of Art, History, & Technique. New York, 1983. Cloth. $49.50

Charles F. Ramus. Daumier. 120 Great Lithographs. New York, 1978. Paper. Full-page illustrations of the prints, with an interesting introduction. $12.95

H. Diane Russell. Eva/Ave: Woman in Renaissance and Baroque Prints. Washington, D.C., 1990. Paper. Examining over 150 prints from the collection of the National Gallery of Art, the author traces the changing image of woman engendered by the Protestant Reformation and the rise of capitalism. $30.00

Peggy and Harold Samuels. Remington. The Complete Prints. New York, 1990. Cloth. Out of print. Compiled by the preeminent biographers of Remington, this attractive volume provides a pictorial biography of the artist, reproducing 148 prints published during the artist's lifetime. $55.00

Wieland Schmied, ed. The Prestel Dictionary of Art and Artists in the 20th Century. New York, 2000. Cloth. Artists and movements from all countries and decades of the 20th Century are covered in this lavishly illustrated dictionary, containing more than 1,400 entries by over 40 experts. $37.50

Welford Dunaway Taylor. The Woodcut Art of J. J. Lankes. Boston, 1999. Cloth. Out of print. A handsomely designed book which discusses the life and art of this immensely talented woodcut artist of the first half of the 20th century. $40.00

Ron Tyler, ed. Prints and Printmakers of Texas. Proceedings of the Twentieth Annual North American Print Conference. Austin, 1997. Cloth. This eclectic collection of essays provides fascinating glimpses of Texas iconography, from early lithography and homeography to Dust Bowl printmaking and 1960s popular arts. Illustrated. $34.95

Theo B. White. The Philadelphia Art Alliance. Fifty Years 1915-1965. Philadelphia, 1965. Cloth. A discursive history of this important Philadelphia institution, with text by architect and lithographer White, illustrated with many examples of work by artists who exhibited there. $20.00

David Gilmore Wright. Domestic and Wild: Peter Moran's Images of America. Baltimore, 2010. Cloth. Two Volumes. These two well researched and thoroughly documented volumes present the painted and print work of the Philadelphia artist who helped to establish, promote and champion the etching movement in America. $120.00

Louis Wuerth. Catalogue of the Etchings of Joseph Pennell. San Francisco, 1988. Cloth. $95.00

Louis Wuerth. Catalogue of the Lithographs of Joseph Pennell. San Francisco, 1991. Cloth. $125.00


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