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Christopher W. Lane with Donald H. Cresswell. Philadelphia, 1997. Paper.

A basic guide for anyone interested in collecting antique maps. Includes a brief discussion of the nature of antique maps and suggestions on collecting them. Also included are clues to identifying new color and clues to identifying original maps. $8.00

Whitfield: Cities of the World CITIES OF THE WORLD: A HISTORY IN MAPS.
Peter Whitfield. Berkeley, 2005. Cloth.

Condensing centuries of history into one volume, Peter Whitfield focuses on more than sixty cities by presenting an extremely wide range of maps, historic prints and photographs showing how urban architectural form and social life have been shaped. $45.00

Fisher: Makers of the Blueback Charts THE MAKERS OF THE BLUEBACK CHARTS: A History of Imray Laurie Norie & Wilson Ltd.
Susanna Fisher. St. Ives (England), 2001. Cloth.

From the 18th Century on, navigators relied on nautical charts produced by a handful of chartmakers and instrument sellers who worked in the City of London. Imray, Laurie, Norie & Wilson, which just celebrated its centenary, is the descendant of those old publishing firms and currently flourishes as the leading private publisher of nautical charts and pilot books. This fascinating book traces the chart trade from its origins to the present day. $49.95

Mercator: The Man Who Mapped the PlanetMERCATOR: The Man Who Mapped The Planet.
Nicholas Crane. New York: 2003. Cloth.

A fascinating biography of the man who solved the riddle of how to convert the three-dimensional globe into a two-dimensional map. Mercator's projection remains the most common world view to this day. $26.00

A to Z of Antique Prints and Maps THE A TO Z OF ANTIQUE PRINTS & MAPS
Donald H. Cresswell and Christopher W. Lane with Carolyn R. Cades. Philadelphia, 2002. Paper. 40 pp.

An expanded version of What is a Print? with information on collecting, research, storage, related periodicals, conservation and framing, among others. A concise reference. $8.00

Binding IMAGINED CORNERS: Exploring The World's First Atlas.
Paul Binding. London, 2003. Cloth.

Fascinating exploration of the historical, social, and scientific context in which the world's first atlas was created and published in Antwerp in 1570. With many well-selected color illustrations. $79.95

The Mapmaker's Art THE MAPMAKER'S ART. An Illustrated History of Cartography.
John Goss. Chicago, 1993. Cloth. Out of print.

An extensively illustrated general survey of mapmaking. The hundreds of illustrations, most in color and several folding, beautifully complement Goss' readable text which provides an excellent overview of the history of cartography. This book, which would make a fine gift, belongs in the library of every map-lover. $100.00

Antique Maps ANTIQUE MAPS. A Collector's Handbook
Carl Moreland & David Bannister. Oxford, 1989. Paper. 3rd expanded edition.

A most useful reference for the beginner or sophisticated collector, now in an attractively-priced, new edition. Includes: general introduction, biographical listing of cartographers, and interesting short articles on collecting. This new edition includes more Americana. After our guide (above), this is the one reference every map collector should own. $24.95

National Geographic Historical Atlas of USHistorical Atlas of the United States
National Geographic Society. Washington, 1993. Cloth.

Using antique maps, prints, photos and other artifacts as illustrations this atlas chronologically depicts the cartography of the territories that became the United States, from 1400 to the 1990s. Includes a folded wall map, overlay in four scales, and flat magnifier. $100.00

David Woodward, ed. Chicago & London, 1987. Cloth.

The essays in this book illuminate the complex intermingling of art and science in maps and mapmaking. $78.00


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