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Print & Map References

Prints of Philadelphia PRINTS OF PHILADELPHIA

Christopher W. Lane and Donald H. Cresswell. Philadelphia, 1990. Paper.

Describes prints of Philadelphia from the 18th century through the 1930's. $18.00

Made in America. Printmaking 1760-1860.
The Library Company of Philadelphia and The Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, 1973. Paper. Out of print.

Exhibit catalogue packed with interesting information. $12.50

Birch's Views of Philadelphia Birch's Views of Philadelphia. Two Hundredth Anniversary Edition.
S. Robert Teitelman. Philadelphia, 2000. Cloth.

A reduced facsimile of William Russell Birch's The City of Philadelphia . . . as it appeared in the Year 1800. The twenty-seven engravings are reproduced in full color, with accompanying photographs of the sites as they appeared in 1960 and in 2000. $45.00

City of Independence Martin P. Snyder. City of Independence. New York, 1975. Cloth. Out of print. The definitive book on maps and views of Philadelphia before 1800. $45.00

Mirror of America MIRROR OF AMERICA.

Martin P. Snyder. Philadelphia, 1996. Paper.

This self-published sequel to Snyder's City of Independence, with numerous black & white photocopy images, is the definitive book on engravings of Philadelphia from the beginning of the nineteenth century up to the Centennial. The book includes insightful text on the prints and an impressive catalogue of 800 engravings on copper and steel. $40.00

Philadelphia in the Romantic Age of Lithography.
Nicholas B. Wainwright. Philadelphia, 1970. Cloth. Out of print.

The definitive work on early lithography in Philadelphia. Includes a descriptive list of Philadelphia scenes made by Philadelphia lithographers before 1866. Illustrated. $95.00

Moak: Philadelphia Mapmakers Philadelphia Mapmakers.
Jefferson M. Moak. Philadelphia, 1976. Paper.

A listing of mapmakers located in the Independence Mall area from 1860-1890. $6.00

Philadelphia History

Historic Architecture In Northwest Philadelphia 1690-1930s HISTORIC ARCHITECTURE IN NORTHWEST PHILADELPHIA 1690-1930s.
Joseph Minardi. Atglen, PA, 2012. Cloth.

Gorgeously illustrated with many full color photographs, this book comprises seven chapters: A Brief History of the German Township; The Wissahickon Valley; Stenton, the Logan Family Mansion; Germantown; Mount Airy; Chestnut Hill; and, Biographies of Selected Architects and Firms. Nearly 750 modern day and archival images explore 450 structures from Wayne Junction in Germantown to Northwest Avenue in Chestnut Hill, illustrating the Georgian, Colonial and Federal styles of the 18th and early 19th centuries, the Revival of those styles, and the later Italianate, Second Empire and Romantic Eclecticism styles. $50.00

Philadelphia 300 Years PHILADELPHIA, A 300-YEAR HISTORY.
Russell F. Weigley, editor. New York, 1982. Cloth.

A readable, yet scholarly history of the City of Brotherly Love. Uses old prints and maps well. Temporarily out of Stock

Nash: First City First City: Philadelphia and the Forging of Historical Memory.
Gary B. Nash. Philadelphia, 2002. Cloth.

In this book an acclaimed historian examines the complex process of memory making in this most historic of American cities. Contains 138 illustrations. $39.95

Boudreau: Independence: A Guide to Historic Philadelphia Independence: A Guide to Historic Philadelphia.
George W. Boudreau. Yardley, PA, 2012. Cloth.

Walking its readers through the lives of residents and visitors to the Revolutionary-era city, and richly illustrated with both new photography and an amazing array of early American art compiled from many sources (including the Philadelphia Print Shop), this book offers a vivid story for general readers as well as enriches the experience of visitors to the historic sites of Philadelphia up through the Federal period when the city served as our nation's capital. Temporarily out of Stock

Milano: History of Penn Treaty Park The History of Penn Treaty Park.
Kenneth W. Milano. Charleston, SC., 2009. Paper.

The story of William Penn's Treaty with the Indians has become iconic in American history and art. In this book, Kensington neighborhood historian Kenneth W. Milano chronicles the community's efforts to memorialize the Treaty site through the construction of the Park. $19.99

Scott: Camp William Penn Images of America: CAMP WILLIAM PENN. Donald Scott Sr. Charleston, SC, 2008. Paper. Located in Cheltenham Township, Montgomery County, just adjacent to Philadelphia, Camp William Penn was the first and largest federal facility to train Northern-based black soldiers during the Civil War. $21.99

Kyriakodis: Benjamin Franklin Parkway Postcard History Series: THE BENJAMIN FRANKLIN PARKWAY.
Harry Kyriakodis. Charleston, SC., 2014. Paper.

Named after Philadelphia's "favorite son," this mile-long boulevard slices diagonally from City Hall, through Logan Square, past such edifices as the Roman Catholic Cathedral, the Academy of Natural Sciences, the Free Library, the Franklin Institute, the Rodin Museum (and, more recently than illustrated here, the new Barnes Foundation), terminating at the Museum of Art. $21.99

Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell Images of America: INDEPENDENCE HALL and the LIBERTY BELL.
Robert W. Sands, Jr. and Alexander B. Bartlett. Charleston, S.C., 2012. Paper.

With images from Independence National Historical Park, the Philadelphia Department of Records and collections around the country, this book illustrates how Philadelphia's - and the nation's - most historic building and most iconic treasure generate a sense of pride, patriotism and reverence for America's freedom. $21.99


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