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Proceedings of the
North American Print Conference


Georgia B. Barnhill, ed. Prints of New England. Worcester, 1991. Cloth. Seven essays on prints and printmakers in New England in the 18th and 19th centuries. $60.00

Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Art & Commerce. American Prints of the Nineteenth Century. Charlottesville, 1978. Cloth. An investigation of the great commercial side of printmaking in America, with essays by leading specialists. $20.00

Elton Hall, Editor. American Maritime Prints. New Bedford, MA, 1985. Old Dartmouth Historical Society. Cloth. Out of print. Details the proceedings of the 8th Annual North American Print Conference held in 1977. A wonderful book on its subject, with numerous illustrations. $40.00

Jessie J. Poesch, ed. Printmaking in New Orleans. Jackson (MS), 2006. Cloth. Fourteen essays, originally presented at the 19th annual meeting of the North American Print Conference in 1987, trace the development of printmaking in New Orleans from colonial times through the present and feature considerable biographical information about the printmakers themselves. Heavily illustrated. $50.00

Wendy Wick Reaves. American Portrait Prints. Washington, 1984. Cloth. Using portraiture as a springboard, the book surveys political and entertainment prints from the Federalist period to the age of photography. $40.00

David Tatham, ed. Prints and Printmakers of New York State, 1825-1940. Syracuse, 1986. Cloth. Scholarly and authoritative treatments of hitherto neglected aspects of the history of prints in New York State. $35.00

David Tatham, ed. North American Prints, 1913-1947: An Examination at Century's End. Syracuse, 2006. Cloth. Essays from the 2000 conference. Eight contemporary scholars examine the rich diversity in the subject, style and geography of printmaking in this singular period of artistic creation. $34.95

Ron Tyler, ed. Prints and Printmakers of Texas. Austin, 1997. Cloth. This eclectic collection of essays provides fascinating glimpses of Texas iconography, from early lithography and homeography to Dust Bowl printmaking and 1960's popular arts. $39.95

Gerald Ward, ed.. The American Illustrated Book in the Nineteenth Century. Charlottesville, 1987. Cloth. Essays on book illustration by prominent scholars in the field. $30.00


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