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The staff at The Philadelphia Print Shop is keen to assist students in pursuing their studies of antique prints and maps. Not only are these artifacts interesting in their own right, but they provide excellent sources of information on almost any historical topic. Research into historical prints and maps can be very rewarding and we encourage all such efforts. Unfortunately, because we are a small shop, and need to work hard to keep in business, we cannot spend a significant amount of time answering questions for students. We have, therefore, tried both to provide as much information as we can on our web site and to offer further suggestions and links for students to follow.

If you have questions about prints, maps or related books, please follow the links below to see if you can find the answers there.

On-line Reference Library
Our on-line reference library is for the use of anyone interested in prints, printmaking, maps and mapmaking.
What Is A Print?
A discussion of prints and print processes, including woodcuts, wood engravings. engravings, etchings, lithographs, and reprodutions.

On-line Gallery
Our web gallery contains descriptions of all sorts of antique prints and maps. If we have listed a similar type of print or map to that in which you are interested, you can find much information here.

Our links page lists many web sites which contain further information on antique prints and maps, including links to the Library of Congress, the American Antiquarian Society, and other excellent institutions and organizations.


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