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Boydell's Shakespeare Gallery

Macbeth consulting the witches Prints from The American Edition of Boydell's Illustrations of Shakespeare, Restored to all the Pristine Beauty of the First Proofs. New York: Shearjashub Spooner, 106 Liberty St., 1852. Engravings. Published in two volumes. Images ca. 17 1/2 x 23 1/2.

A magnificent series of British prints based on the works of William Shakespeare published by the great John Boydell. Boydell, a land surveyor in the employment of his father, was inspired by an engraving by W.H. Toms to leave his home in Shropshire about 1750 and walk to London to apprentice himself to Toms. After six years, Boydell set up his own shop and began his career as a print publisher. He was much concerned with the French dominance of the European print market at mid-century, and mostly by his efforts in the 1780's Britain became a print exporting country.

As part of his concern with making a profit and supporting British art, Boydell established the Boydell Shakespeare Gallery, an establishment dedicated to British paintings depicting scenes from Shakespeare's plays. Boydell commissioned the paintings, put them on display in the gallery, and then published a folio work consisting of commissioned prints after 100 of the paintings in the gallery. Each print is expertly engraved and powerfully expresses the artistic inspiration that the subject provided. These are fascinating artistic expressions of the then current gothic interpretation of Shakespeare's works. The gallery and the prints were a boon for British artists, giving them inspiration and publicity at the same time. As almost all the paintings have since disappeared, the prints take on added interest as the surviving record of this fascinating episode in British art history.


Note: Click on underlined titles to see images. Additional images are added periodically. Feel free to contact us for images of any prints not yet illustrated.

1[Volume I: Frontispiece] King George III.William BeecheyBenjamin Smith$250
2[Vignette in the Title] Coriolanus, II, i.Full pageAnne Seymour DamerWilliam Leney$100
3The Alto-Relievo. In Front of the Shakspeare
Gallery, Pall Mall. [Detail at top]
Thomas BanksBenjamin SmithNA
4The Infant Shakspeare, attended by Nature
and the Passions.
George RomneyBenjamin SmithNA
5The Tempest, I, i.
The Enchanted Island - The King's Ship.
Prospero and Miranda.
George RomneyBenjamin SmithNA
6The Tempest, I, ii.
The Enchanted Island - Before Prospero's Cell.
Prospero, Miranda, Caliban and Ariel.
Henry FuseliC.P. SimonNA
7The Tempest, IV, i.
The Enchanted Island. Prospero, Ferdinand, Miranda.
J. Wright of Derby Robert ThewNA
8The Tempest, V, i.
The Enchanted Island - Prospero's Cell.
Ferdinand & Miranda at chess.
Francis WheatleyCaroline WatsonNA
9The Two Gentlemen of Verona, V, iii.
Valentine, Proteus, Silvia & Julia.
Angelica KauffmannLuigi Schiavonetti$425
10The Merry Wives of Windsor, I, i.
Slender's Courtship. Anne Page,
Slender and Simple.
Robert SmirkeJean-Pierre Simon$425
11The Merry Wives of Windsor, II, i.
Mrs. Page and Mrs. Ford.
Rev. William PetersRobert Thew$225
12The Merry Wives of Windsor, III, iii.
Falstaff, Mrs. Page & Mrs. Ford.
Rev. William PetersPeter Simon$425
13The Merry Wives of Windsor, IV, ii.
Ford's House. Ford, Page, Shallow, Caius,
Sir Hugh Evans, Falstaff (in women's clothes),
Mrs. Ford, Mrs. Page.
James DurnoThomas Ryder$450
14The Merry Wives of Windsor, V, v.
Windsor Park. Falstaff, Fairies, Mrs. Ford,
Mrs. Page, Mrs. Quickly, Pistol, Sir Hugh Evans,
Fenton, Anne Page.
Robert SmirkeIsaac Taylor JuniorNA
15Measure for Measure, II, i.
Angelo, Escalus, Elbow, Clown, Froth, Officers, etc.
Robert SmirkeThomas Ryder &
Charles Gauthier Playter
16Measure for Measure, V, i.
Duke in a Friar's Habit. Angelo, Escales, Isabella,
Mariana, Lucio, Provost, Peter and Varrus
Thomas KirkJean-Pierre Simon$425
17The Comedy of Errors, V, i.
Duke, Ægeon, Lady Abbes, Antipholus,
Dromio of Syracuse, Angelo, et al.
J. Francis RigaudCharles Gauthier Playter$375
18Much Ado About Nothing, III, i.
Hero, Ursula and Beatrice.
Rev. William PetersPeter Simon$350
19Much Ado About Nothing, IV, i.
Don Pedro, Don John, Leonato, Friar, Claudio,
Benedick, Hero, Beatrice ...
William Hamilton.Peter Simon$350
20Much Ado About Nothing, IV, ii.
Dogberry, Verges, and Sexton, in gowns,
and The Watch with Borachio and Conrade.
Robert SmirkeJohn Ogborne$375
21Love's Labours Lost, IV, i.
Pavilion in the Park near the Palace. Princess,
Rosaline, Maria, Katherine, Lords,
Attendants and a Forester.
William HamiltonThomas Ryder$425
22A Midsummer Night's Dream, II, i.
A Wood. Titania, Bottom, Fairies, et al.
Henry FuseliJames ParkerNA
23A Midsummer Night's Dream, IV, i.
Oberon, Titania, Puck, Bottom, Fairies . . .
Henry FuseliJean-Pierre SimonNA
24The Merchant of Venice, II, v.
Shylock, Jessica, and Launcelot.
Robert SmirkeJean-Pierre SimonNA
25The Merchant of Venice, V, i.
Belmont: Grove and Lawn before
Portia's House. Lorenzo, Jessica, Stephano.
William HodgesJohn BrowneNA
26As You Like It, I, ii.
Before the Duke's Palace. Rosalind, Celia,
Orlando, Duke . . .
John DownmanWilliam Leney$375
27As You Like It, II, i.
Forest of Arden. Jaques moralizing on the
Wounded Stag.
William HodgesSamuel Middiman$375
28As You Like It, IV, iii.
Forest of Arden. Orlando rescuing his
brother Oliver.
Raphael WestWilliam Charles Wilson$450
29As You Like It, V, iv.
Forest of Arden. Rosalind discovering
herself to Orlando.
William HamiltonPeter Simon$425
30The Taming of the Shrew, Induction [sic], ii.
Room in the Lord's house.
Sly, Lord & attendants.
Robert SmirkeRobert Thew$450
31The Taming of the Shrew, III, ii.
Baptista's house.
Petruchio, Katherine, Bianca, &c.
Francis WheatleyJean-Pierre Simon$425
32All's Well That Ends Well, V, iii.
King, Countess, Lafeu, Bertram,
Helena, Diana, widow, Lords ...
Francis WheatleyG.S. & F.G. Facius$375
33Twelfth Night, III, iv.
Olivia's House. Olivia, Maria & Malvolio.
Johann Heinrich RambergThomas RyderNA
34Twelfth Night, V, i.
Street before Olivia's house. Duke, Viola,
Antonio, Officers, Olivia, Priest ...
William HamiltonFrancesco BartolozziNA
35The Winter's Tale, II, iii.
A Palace. King, Antigonus, Infant, Lords
& Attendants.
John OpieJean-Pierre Simon$425
36The Winter's Tale, III, iii.
Desert Place near the Sea.
Antigonus pursued by a Bear.
John WrightSamuel Middiman$375
37The Winter's Tale, IV, iii.
Shepherd's Cot. Florizel, Perdita,
Shepherd, Clown, Mopsa, Dorcas;
Polixenes and Camillo disguised.
Francis WheatleyJames Fittler$425
38The Winter's Tale, V, iii.
Paulina's House. Leontes, Polixenes, Florizel,
Perdita, Camillo, Paulina, Lords & Attendants.
William HamiltonRobert Thew$400
39As You Like It, II, vii.
The Seven Ages. First Age.
Robert SmirkePeltro William TomkinsNA
40As You Like It, II, vii.
The Seven Ages. Second Age.
Robert SmirkeJean-Pierre SimonNA
41As You Like It, II, vii.
The Seven Ages. Third Age.
Robert SmirkeRobert ThewNA
42As You Like It, II, vii.
The Seven Ages. Fourth Age.
Robert SmirkeJohn OgborneNA
43As You Like It, II, vii.
The Seven Ages. Fifth Age.
Robert SmirkeJean-Pierre SimonNA
44As You Like It, II, vii.
The Seven Ages. Sixth Age.
Robert SmirkeWilliam Leney$300
45As You Like It, II, vii.
The Seven Ages. Seventh Age.
Robert SmirkeJean-Pierre SimonNA
46Macbeth, I, iii.
Macbeth, Banquo & witches.
Henry FuseliJames CaldwallNA
47Macbeth, I, v.
Macbeth's Castle. Lady Macbeth.
Richard WestallJames Parker$400
48Macbeth, IV, i.
Macbeth consulting the witches.
Expertly repaired tears in top & bottom margins.
Joshua ReynoldsRobert Thew$650
49King Lear, I, i.
Lear's Palace. Lear, Dukes of Cornwall & Albany,
Goneril, Regan, Cordelia, King of France, Burgundy,
Earl of Kent ...
Henry FuseliRobert EarlomNA
50King Lear, III, iv.
Lear in the Storm.
Benjamin WestWilliam SharpNA
51King Lear, V, iii.
Camp near Dover. Lear with Cordelia Dead. Edgar,
Albany and Kent: Goneril, Regan ...
Expertly repaired tears in bottom margin.
James BarryFrancis Legat$500
52[Volume II: Frontispiece] Queen Charlotte, Consort of George III.William BeecheyThomas Ryder$250
53[Vignette in the Title] Antony & CleopatraAnne Seymour DamerThomas HellyerNA
54The Infant Shakspeare, Nursed by Tragedy and Comedy.George RomneyBenjamin SmithNA
55King John, IV, i.
Prison. Arthur, Hubert and attendants.
James NorthcoteRobert Thew$375
56King Richard II, IV, i.
Parliament House. King Richard
surrendering his crown.
Mather BrowneBenjamin Smith$325
57King Richard II, V, ii.
Entrance of King Richard and Bolingbroke
into London.
Expertly repaired tear in left margin.
James NorthcoteRobert ThewNA
58First Part, King Henry IV, II, ii.
The Road by Gadshill. Prince Henry, Poins, Peto, Falstaff ...
Expertly repaired tear in bottom margin.
Joseph FaringtonRobert Smirke &
Samuel Middiman
59First Part, King Henry IV, II, iv.
Boar's Head Tavern Prince Henry, Falstaff, Poins ...
Robert SmirkeRobert ThewNA
60First Part, King Henry IV, III, i.
Archdeacon's House. Hotspur, Worcester,
Mortimer, Glendower.
Richard WestallJean-Pierre SimonNA
61First Part, King Henry IV, V, iv.
Battlefield near Shrewsbury. Prince Henry,
Hotspur, Falstaff.
Francis RigaudThomas Ryder$400
62Second Part, King Henry IV, II, iv.
Boar's Head Tavern. Falstaff, Doll Tearsheet,
Prince Henry, Poins.
Henry FuseliWilliam LeneyNA
63Second Part, King Henry IV, III, ii.
Court before Justice Shallow's house
in Gloucestershire.
James DurnoThomas RyderNA
64Second Part, King Henry IV, IV, iv.
Westminster. King Henry, asleep.
Prince of Wales.
Josiah BoydellRobert Thew$425
65Second Part, King Henry IV, IV, iv.
Westminster. King Henry and the
Prince of Wales.
Josiah BoydellRobert Thew$400
66King Henry V, II, ii.
Southampton. King, Scroop, Cambridge,
Grey, Lords & Attendants.
Henry FuseliRobert Thew$400
67First Part, King Henry VI, II, iii.
Countess of Auvergne's Castle.
Countess, Talbot, Porter ...
John OpieRobert Thew$400
68First Part, King Henry VI, II, iv.
Temple Garden. Earls: Somerset, Suffolk & Warwick,
Richard Plantagenet, Vernon, another lawyer.
Josiah BoydellJohn Ogborne$400
69First Part, King Henry VI, II, v.
Room in the Tower. Richard Plantagenet,
Mortimer & jailor.
James NorthcoteRobert Thew$450
70Second Part, King Henry VI, I, iv.
Duchess of Gloster, Hume,
Margaret Jourdain, Southwell, Bolingbroke.
John OpieCharles Gauthier Playter
finished by Robert Thew
71Second Part, King Henry VI, III, iii.
Cardinal Beaufort's Bedchamber.
King Henry, Salisbury and Warwick.
Sir Joshua ReynoldsCaroline Watson$300
72Third Part, King Henry VI, I, iii.
Field of Battle between Sandal Castle
& Wakefield. Rutland, tutor, Clifford & soldiers.
James NorthcoteCharles Gauthier Playter
finished by Thomas Ryder
73Third Part, King Henry VI, II, v.
Battlefield between Towton & Saxton,
Josiah BoydellJohn Ogborne$400
74Third Part, King Henry VI, IV, v.
King Edward and Huntsman, Gloster,
Hastings in distance.
William MillerJean-Baptiste Michel
& William Leney
75Third Part, King Henry VI, V, vii.
Palace, London. King Edward, Queen,
infant Prince, Clarence, Gloster, Hastings ...
James NorthcoteJean-Baptiste Michel$350
76King Richard III, III, i.
London. Prince of Wales, Dukes of York, Gloucester
& Buckingham, Cardinal Bourchier, Lord Hastings, Mayor...
James NorthcoteRobert ThewNA
77King Richard III, IV, iii.
Young Princes Murdered in the Tower.
James NorthcoteFrancis LegatNA
78King Richard III, IV, iii.
Burying of the Royal Children.
James NorthcoteW. SkeltonNA
79King Henry VIII, I, iv.
The Presence Chamber in York Palace. Wolsey,
Henry, Anne Bullen...
Thomas StothardIsaac TaylorNA
80King Henry VIII, III, i.
Room in the Queen's Apartments. Katherine.
Rev. William PetersRobert Thew$325
81Henry VIII, IV, ii.
Abbey of Leicester. Abbot of Leicester,
Wolsey, Northumberland ...
Richard WestallRobert ThewNA
82Henry VIII, V, iv.
The Royal Palace. The Christening of the
Princess Elizabeth.
Rev. William PetersJoseph CollyerNA
83Coriolanus, V, iii.
Coriolanus, Aufidius, Virgilia, Volumnia,
Young Marcius, Valeria ...
Gavin HamiltonJames Caldwall$350
84Julius Caesar, IV, iii.
Brutus' Tent in the Camp near Sardis.
Richard WestallEdward ScrivenNA
85Antony and Cleopatra, III, ix.
Palace in Alexandria. Antony, Cleopatra,
Eros, Charmian, Iras...
Henry TreshamG.S. & J.G. FaciusNA
86Timon of Athens, IV, iii.
A Wood - Before Timon's Cave. Timon,
Alcibiades, Phrynia, Timandra.
John OpieRobert Thew$350
87Titus Andronicus, IV, i.
Titus' House. Titus & Marcus,
Young Lucius pursued by Lavinia.
Thomas KirkThomas Kirk$350
88Troilus and Cressida, II, ii.
Cassandra Raving.
George RomneyFrancis LegatNA
89Troilus and Cressida, V, ii.
Grecian Camp. Diomedes, Cressida,
Troilus, Ulysses & Thersites.
Angelica KauffmannLuigi Schiavonetti$300
90Cymbeline, I, ii.
Cymbeline's Palace in Britain. Imogen,
Posthumus, Cymbeline, Queen ...
William HamiltonThomas Burke$300
91Cymbeline, III, iv.
A Forest Near Milford-Haven. Pisanio and Imogen.
John HoppnerRobert ThewNA
92Cymbeline, III, vi.
A Forest-Cave of Belarius. Imogen in Boy's Clothes.
Richard WestallThomas Gaugain$300
93Romeo and Juliet, I, v.
Hall in Capulet's Palace. Romeo, Juliet, Nurse,
Mercutio, Capulet, Tybalt.
William MillerG.S. & J.G. Facius$475
94Romeo and Juliet, IV, v.
Chamber in Capulet's Palace. Juliet (on bed),
Capulet, Lady Capulet...
John OpieG.S. & J.G. Facius$450
95Romeo and Juliet, V, iii.
A Monument belonging to the Capulets.
Romeo & Paris dead; Juliet & Friar Lawrence.
James NorthcotePeter Simon$425
96Hamlet, I, iv.
Hamlet, Prince of Denmark [and the ghost of his father].
Henry FuseliRobert ThewNA
97Hamlet, IV, v.
Elsinore. King, Queen, Laertes, Ophelia and attendants.
Sir Benjamin WestFrancis LegatNA
98Othello, II, i.
A Platform. Desdemona, Othello, Iago,
Cassio, Roderigo, Emilio ...
Thomas StothardThomas Ryder$525
99Othello, V, ii.
A Bedchamber:
Othello & Desdemona in Bed, asleep.
John GrahamWilliam Leney$425
100Othello, V, ii.
Desdemona in Bed, asleep, Othello.
Josiah BoydellWilliam Leney$400

Also available:

John Boydell & Josiah Boydell. Boydell's Shakespeare Prints: 90 Engravings Mineola, NY, 2004. Paper. A collection of 19th century engravings commissioned by John Boydell after paintings of Shakespearean subjects, both tragic and comic. An affordable volume illustrating the lion's share of Boydell's Shakespeare Gallery. $9.95


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