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Thomas Nast's Political Cartoons

Stand From Under! Prints by Thomas Nast. New York: Harper's Weekly, 1868-1886. Single page (ca. 16 x 11) and double page (ca. 22 x 16). Wood engravings. Very good condition, unless otherwise noted.

Harper's Weekly, a newspaper in the last half of the nineteenth and early twentieth century, presented a mixture of news stories, gossip, poetry, and most notably, wood-engraved illustrations. Amongst the most famous of the illustrators who worked for the magazine was Thomas Nast, 'father of American political cartooning.' Nast was born in 1840 and immigrated to the United States in 1846 with his family from Bavaria. By early 1862, he had become a war correspondent for Harper's Weekly. His patriotic themes for the Union cause created such attention that President Lincoln cited Nast as his "best recruiting sergeant".

During the first 25 years following the war between the states, Nast became the most significant illustrator of American political and social issues. His pointed cartoons exerted a great impact on public opinion. Every presidential candidate to gain his support won and his stature increased with the successful campaign in 1870-71 to bring down "Boss" Tweed of New York's corrupt Tammany Hall and his political machine. More than a mere cartoonist, Nast was an innovator of political images, popularizing or instituting many now familiar subjects such as the Republican elephant, the Democratic donkey, John Bull, Uncle Sam, and Columbia.

Note: We do have other Nast political cartoons; enquire for further information.


This page: [ Cartoons | Thomas Nast ]
Other pages: [ Political Cartoons page 2 | Political Portraits | Political Events ]

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