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Antique Maps of Nevada

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Mitchell Utah Nevada
W.H. Gamble. "County Map of Utah and Nevada." Philadelphia: S. Augustus Mitchell Jr., 1865. 11 1/4 x 13 3/4. Lithographed by W. H. Gamble. Hand color. Very good condition.

For most of the middle part of the nineteenth century, the firm founded by S. Augustus Mitchell, Sr. dominated American cartography in output and influence. This fine map is from one of his son's atlases, and it shows the territory of Utah and the state of Nevada in the final year of the Civil War. Towns, rivers, roads and other topographical information are clearly shown, and the counties are shaded with contrasting pastel colors. When Nevada became a state in 1864, the border of Utah and Nevada was moved east from the 115th to the 114th meridian. Although dated to 1865, this map still shows Nevada's eastern boundary at the 115th meridian. Note also that Nevada extends south only to the 37 degree latitude. An interesting early rendering of the region. $150

W.H. Gamble. "County Map of Utah and Nevada." Philadelphia: S. Augustus Mitchell, Jr., 1867. 11 3/8 x 14. Lithograph by W. H. Gamble. Original hand color. Very good condition.

An updated version of the above map from the Mitchell firm. Published two years later, this map shows the newly formed Lincoln Country, and Utah's expanded land claim eastwardly to the 114th meridian, giving it further access to navigable waterways. In 1867, Congress ceded more than 18,000 square miles of land from the Arizona Territory to the state of Nevada, giving Nevada access to the Colorado River. Part of the new southern region of Nevada is shown, excepting the southern-most tip. Also of interest is the addition of a red line indicating the line of the soon-to-be-completed trans-continental railroad. $140

W.H. Gamble. "County Map of Utah and Nevada." Philadelphia: S. Augustus Mitchell, Jr., 1876. 11 1/4 x 13 3/4. Lithography by W. H. Gamble. Original hand color. Bottom margin trimmed to edge of decorative border. Else, very good condition.

Another updated version of Mitchell's map, this one just a few years after the completion of the trans-continental railroad, clearly shown running through the northern part of this region. This led to an increase in settlement and development in the region as is shown in the significant increase in settlement and roads on this map compared to the Mitchell map of just a few years before. $140

Mitchell Utah Nevada
"County and Township Map of Utah and Nevada." From Mitchell's New General Atlas. Philadelphia: S. Augustus Mitchell, 1880. 14 1/4 x 21 5/8. Hand color. Very good condition.

A new map of Utah and Nevada from the S. Augustus Mitchell firm of Philadelphia. Rich in detail with much topographical information, the map also shows development of the plat system of surveying, just beginning in the new states west of the Mississippi River. Oddly, the map does not include all of the southern portion of Nevada below the 37th parallel. Prior to appearance of San Juan County. $95

"County and Township Map of Utah and Nevada." Philadelphia: S.A. Mitchell, 1881. 14 x 22. Engraving. Original hand color. $95

"Nevada." Chicago: George Cram, 1883. 12 x 9 5/8. Chromolithograph. With outline hand color. Decorative border. $65

"Nevada." Chicago: George Cram, ca. 1883. 12 x 9 1/2. Chromolithograph. [with Roop county]. $65

Bradley Utah Nevada
W.M. Bradley. "County and Township Map of Utah and Nevada." W.M. Bradley & Bros., 1884. 14 1/2 x 22 1/2. Hand color. Very good condition.

An updated version of the above Mitchell map, published by Bradley in 1884. This map shows new political boundaries in Utah with the introduction of new counties, and it includes an inset of the southern tip of Nevada at the bottom left of the main map. $95

Arbuckle Nevada
"Nevada." New York: Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Company, 1889. Ca. 3 x 5. Chromolithograph by Donaldson Brothers. Very good condition.

From a delightful series of maps issued by the Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Company. This firm was founded by John and Charles Arbuckle of Pittsburgh, PA. They developed a machine to weigh, fill, seal and label coffee in paper packages, which allowed them to become the largest importer and seller of coffee in the world. Their most famous promotional program involved the issuing of several series of small, colorful trading cards, one of which was included in every package of Arbuckle's Coffee. These series included cards with sports, food, historic scenes, and--one of the most popular--maps. The latter cards included not only a map, but also small illustrations "which portrays the peculiarities of the industry, scenery, etc." of the region depicted. These cards are a delight, containing informative maps as well as wonderful scenes of the area mapped. $65

Rand McNally Nevada
"Nevada." From Rand, McNally & Co.'s Indexed Atlas of the World. Chicago: Rand, McNally & Co., 1893. 19 x 12 1/4. Cerograph. Original color. $125

"Nevada." Chicago: George Cram, ca. 1898. 12 x 9 1/2. Cerograph. $65

"Nevada." Chicago: Rand McNally, ca. 1920. 12 1/4 x 9 1/4. Cerograph. $45


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