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The Naval Chronicle


Prints from The Naval Chronicle. London: J. Gold, 1799-1818. Aquatints and engravings. Octavo, images ca. 5 x 8. With minor blemishes, but very good condition, except as noted.

Between 1799 and 1818, The Naval Chronicle, was the preeminent maritime journal reporting news about the British navy. Issued twice a year, it was published during a period in which the British navy fought the Napoleonic Wars and the War of 1812, and came to "rule the waves." This wonderful journal included action reports, intelligence on various matters related to the British and other navies, and biographies of naval officers. Many of the reports were accounts by officers directly involved, such as Lord Horatio Nelson. Included with the articles were portraits, images of naval action, and views of the many ports in which the navy called. These are important, first-hand images of this turbulent period.





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