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Percy G. Adams. Travelers and Travel Liars, 1660-1800. New York, 1980. Paper. A delightful study of deliberate fabrications in travel literature. $20.00

W.P. Cumming, R.A. Skelton & D.B. Quinn. The Discovery of North America. New York, 1972. Cloth. One of the most interesting histories of the exploration of the 'New World,' primarily using words and pictures from the period. Includes much on the northwest passage and the sea of Verazzano. $75.00

W.P. Cumming and Louis De Vorsey, Jr. The Southeast in Early Maps. Chapel Hill, 1998. Cloth. The long awaited third edition of Cumming's seminal cartobibliography on maps of the American southeast. Includes a discussion of the mapping of 'Lake Apalachy.' $90.00

Donald S. Johnson. Phantom Islands of the Atlantic. The Legends of Seven Lands that Never Were. Sailor and scholar Johnson explores the fabled and factual attempts to chart an ocean he has himself navigated at length. Gracefully written and illustrated with maps and engravings. $21.00

Carl Moreland & David Bannister. Antique Maps. A Collector's Handbook. Oxford, 1989. Paper. 3rd expanded edition. A useful reference for the beginner or sophisticated collector, now in an attractively-priced, new edition. Includes a brief chapter on cartographic myths. $24.95

Seymour I. Schwartz. The Mismapping of America. Rochester, NY. and Suffolk, U.K., 2003. Cloth. Engrossing exploration of the major cartographic misconceptions that have helped to define the course of United States history. $39.95

R.A. Skelton, T.E. Marston & G.D. Painter. The Vinland map and the Tartar Relation. New Haven, 1965. Cloth. Out of print. The first work on the controversy concerning the Vinland map. $35.00


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