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The Mexican-American War

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On April 25, 1846, war between Mexico and the United States started with an attack by Mexican troops on an American army, under General Zachary Taylor. In less than a year and a half the war ended with an American victory. The Mexican war was very important in the history of the United States, for not only did it provide a training ground for many of the figures who played a major role in the soon-to-follow Civil War, but the war ended with the acquisition of huge new territories for the United States. Though often overshadowed in our histories by the Civil War, in 1846-47 the Mexican War captured the attention of the public, and this naturally led to a large demand for prints and maps showing the events and personages involved in the war. Following is a list of contemporary images of the Mexican-American war.
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Popular Lithographs

All prints are small folio (ca. 8 x 12 inches) lithographs with original hand color.
Margins and condition are very good unless noted otherwise.

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