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Looking for an antique print, map
or related book?

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If you are looking for a particular print/map/book, or a type of print/map/book, we should be able to be of assistance.
Follow the links below for further information:

QuestionAre you are looking for a reproduction or facsimile?

QuestionAre you unsure whether we carry the type of item you are seeking?

QuestionHave you looked through our gallery to see whether we have what you are seeking?

QuestionAre you looking for an item not listed in our gallery?

QuestionDo you want us to keep your long-term interest on our 'wants list'?


Reproductions and Facsimiles:

Our shop sells original prints and maps. Except in a few isolated instances, we deal in neither reproductions nor facsimiles.

Though not our primary focus, we may be able to help you find a reproduction or facsimile. Let us know what you seek.


What we carry:

We sell antique prints and maps published from the sixteenth through the early twentieth century. We also sell related rare and reference books. Here is a general outline of our inventory: This is not an exclusive list, but it does cover most of our inventory. Of course, the best way to get a sense of our stock is to visit our on-line gallery.


On-Line Gallery

Gallery Our on-line gallery is the place to start when looking for an antique print, map or related book. We have a wide selection of items for sale on the web, covering all aspects of our inventory and in all price ranges.

Our gallery is intended not only to feature interesting items we have for sale, but also to give an overview of our inventory. As you browse through its many pages, you will develop a sense of the wide variety of prints, maps and books we have in our shop. Not every item is shown, but the gallery does give a good general impression of our inventory.


Seeking a print, map or related book not found in our gallery?

Though our on-line gallery contains many examples of our stock, it lists less than 5% of our total inventory! We have many more items than we can possibly show on our web site. If you have not found what you are seeking in our gallery, please email us at with your request.

Please be as specific as possible about your criteria for the following:

We receive hundreds of requests of this type each month and it takes time to search our inventory and prepare a considered response. Please be patient. If you have not heard from us within three weeks, please resend your query in case it has been 'lost in the ether.'


Wants List

If you have a long-term interest in a particular item or type of item, we will be happy to keep your request on our 'wants list.' In order to do this, we need the following information: Please email us with this information and we will add your interest to our 'wants list.'


For further information, please contact:

106 E. Lancaster Avenue, Lower Level
Wayne, PA 19087 USA

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