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Anderson at Sumter
"Entry of Major Anderson's Command into Fort Sumter on Christmas Night, 1860," and "Occupation of Castle Pinckney By the Charleston Militia, December 26, 1860." New York: Harper's Weekly. January 12, 1861. Wood engraving. 5 7/8 x 9 and 5 3/4 x 9, respectively.

Major Robert Anderson was in charge of the federal fortifications in Charleston Harbor at the time South Carolina voted for secession and demanded these facilities be turned over to them. Anderson was instructed to hold his positions, but he did decide to consolidate his forces into the Fort Sumter. This print shows Anderson and his men moving into Sumter from Moultrie, as well as an image of the Charleston militia occupying the smaller Castle Pinckney, which was abandoned by the federal troops at the same time. This print was issued in Harper's just a couple of weeks after the event. $35

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