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Christine Anderson and Charles Talbot. From a Mighty Fortress: Prints, Drawings, and Books in the Age of Luther, 1483-1546. Detroit Institute of Art, 1983. Stiff paper. Thick, richly-illustrated and well-annotated catalogue of Northern European graphic art drawn from two collections in Coburg, West Germany. $40.00

Alan Axelrod, ed. American Frontier Life. Early Western Painting and Prints. New York, 1987. Cloth. A copiously illustrated selection of articles on the topic. $39.95

James G. Barber. Andrew Jackson. A Portrait Study. Washington, D.C., 1991. Out of Print. Cloth. A richly-illustrated biographical survey of the career of the iron-willed hero of the Battle of New Orleans and 7th U.S. president. $35.00

Georgia B. Barnhill, Diana Korzenik, and Caroline F. Sloat, eds. The Cultivation of Artists in Nineteenth-Century America. Worcester, Massachusetts, 1997. Cloth. These essays, contributions to a conference held at the American Antiquarian Society in 1993, examine the training and development of American 19th century artists and the complex interactions between the worlds of fine and commercial art and the rapid technological advances of the time. $32.50

Georgia B. Barnhill. Wild Impressions. The Adirondacks on Paper. Boston, 1995. Paper. Illustrated catalogue of the collection of the Adirondack Museum. $20.00

Georgia B. Barnhill, ed. Prints of New England. Worcester, 1991. Cloth. Seven essays on prints and printmakers in New England in the 18th and 19th centuries. $60.00

William Henry Bartlett. Bartlett's Classic Illustrations of American: All 121 Engravings From American Scenery, 1840. Mineola, New York, 2000. Paper. A collection of reproductions, with an introductory note, of all the steel engraved illustrations from the two volumes of Bartlett's popular work. $12.95

Marshall R. Berkoff. Currier & Ives - The New Best 50. Milwaukee, 1991. Cloth. Color illustrations of 100 prints- the large and small Best 50 selections by a jury. With an essay "Comparison of the Original and New Best 50 Currier & Ives" by Christopher W. Lane. $30.00

Alexandra Bonfante-Warren. Currier & Ives. Portraits of a Nation. New York, 1998. Cloth. A large-format, full color presentation of many of the works of Currier and Ives, reproduced from the collection of the Museum of the City of New York. $19.95

Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Art & Commerce. American Prints of the Nineteenth Century. Charlottesville, 1978. Cloth. An investigation of the great commercial side of printmaking in America. Proceedings of a conference on historical prints with essays by leading specialists. $20.00

Fabio Bourbon and Antonio Attini. Egypt. Yesterday and Today. Lithographs and Diaries by David Roberts, R.A. New York, 1996. Cloth. A handsome, large folio volume, profusely illustrated with Roberts' famous views of Egypt. This volume reproduces Roberts' lithographic views in chronological order, accompanied by quotations from his journals, and a photograph showing each location as it appears today. $60.00

Fabio Bourbon and Antonio Attini. The Holy Land. Yesterday and Today. Lithographs and Diaries by David Roberts, R.A. New York, 1996. Another handsome large folio volume, companion to Bourbon's volume on Egypt. This volume also reproduces Roberts' lithographic views in chronological order, accompanied by quotations from his journals, and a photograph showing each location as it appears today. $60.00

John Boydell & Josiah Boydell. Boydell's Shakespeare Prints: 90 Engravings Mineola, NY, 2004. Paper. A collection of 19th century engravings commissioned by John Boydell after paintings of Shakespearean subjects, both tragic and comic. An affordable volume illustrating the lion's share of Boydell's Shakespeare Gallery. $9.95

Edward C. Carter, II, John C. Van Horne and Charles E. Brownell. Latrobe's View of America, 1795-1820: Selections from the Watercolors and Sketches. New Haven, CT, 1985. Cloth. Out of print. With 161 drawings, sketches and watercolors - plus commentaries on each - this colorful book constitutes a unique image of early America. $40.00

Howard and Blanche Cirker. Dictionary of American Portraits. Mineola, NY, 1967. Cloth. Over 4000 portraits of men and women prominent in American history from Columbus to about 1905. $100.00

Colonial Society of Massachusetts. Boston Prints and Printmakers 1670-1775. Boston, 1973. Cloth. Eight essays. A fine study for prints in and of all New England. $50.00

Emily T. Cooperman, editor. The Country Seats of the United States: William Russell Birch. Philadelphia, 2009. Cloth. With twenty color plates illustrating eighteen estates, this edition reproduces the work originally published by Birch in 1808, including his introduction and comments on the images, along with a biographical essay by the editor situating Birch within his world and discussing the individual sites depicted. $34.95

Alice M. Cornell, editor. Art as Image: Prints and Promotion in Cincinnati, Ohio. Athens, Ohio, 2001. Cloth. A collection of essays highlighting Cincinnati printmaking in the 19th century. Subjects include the Strobridge Lithographing Company, Emil Klauprecht and the German influence in Cincinnati, The U.S. Playing Card Company of Cincinnati, participation of the Smithsonian in the Cincinnati Centennial Exhibition and an essay by Christopher W. Lane of the Philadelphia Print Shop on the lithographic portraits of Ehrgott, Forbriger & Co. $49.95

Noble E. Cunningham Jr. Popular Images of the Presidency from Washington to Lincoln. Columbia, 1991. Cloth. Profusely illustrated, thematic approach to presidential portraits. Fine scholarly work. $45.00

William Forrest Dawson, ed. Civil War Etchings. Edwin Forbes. New York, 1994. Paper. Full page reproductions of all 40 original etchings from Forbes' portfolio "Life Studies of the Great Army", published in 1876. Facing page explanatory text from "A Civil War Artist at the Front...", Oxford, 1957. $6.95

Gloria Deák. Discovering America's Southeast. A Sixteenth Century View Based on the Mannerist Engravings of Theodore de Bry. Birmingham, 1992. Paper. Interesting essays by Deák and reproductions of prints and maps from DeBry's America, published in Frankfurt in 1591, and containing some of the earliest views of the New World and its inhabitants. $18.00

Gloria Gilda Deák. William James Bennett. Master of the Aquatint View. With an introductory essay by Dale Roylance, "Aquatint Engraving in England and America." Checklist and commentaries by Roberta Waddell and Theresa Salazar. New York, 1988. Paper. Out of print. Scholarly catalogue of Bennett's remarkable 19th century views of American cities. $30.00

William Goetzmann. New Lands, New Men. America and the Second Great Age of Discovery. New York, 1986. Cloth. An excellent volume on the exploration of the American West and the Pacific. $24.95

William H. Goetzmann and Joseph C. Porter. The West as Romantic Horizon. Omaha, 1981. A superior catalogue of an exhibit of western art from the collection of the Joslyn Art Museum. It contains two fine articles analyzing western art from Karl Bodmer to Arthur Tait, and also includes artist biographies by David C. Hunt. Paper. $18.95 Cloth. $40.00

Ronald E. Grim, Roni Pick and Eileen Warburton. Boston & Beyond: A Bird's Eye View of New England. Boston, 2008. Paper. This catalogue of a 2008 exhibit from the collections of the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the Boston Public Library contains 58 full-color bird's eye plates, explanatory notes and brief essays. $35.00

Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts. French Caricature and the French Revolution, 1789-1799. Los Angeles, 1988. Paper. An excellent series of articles, well illustrated. $30.00

Elton Hall, Editor. American Maritime Prints. New Bedford, MA, 1985. Old Dartmouth Historical Society. Cloth. Out of print. Details the proceedings of the 8th Annual North American Print Conference held in 1977. A wonderful book on its subject, with numerous illustrations. $40.00

Harold Holzer, Gabor Boritt, Mark Neely. The Lincoln Image: Abraham Lincoln and the Popular Print. Urbana and Chicago, 2001. Paper. A reprint of the book originally published in 1984, this excellent, fully-illustrated work brings to light the little-known story of Lincoln's rise to national recognition through the medium of the popular print. An excellent study for all 19th-century American prints. $20.95

Harold Holzer, ed. Prang's Civil War Pictures: The Complete Battle Chromos of Louis Prang. New York: 2001. $50

James D. Horan. The McKenney-Hall Portrait Gallery of American Indians. New York, 1972 or 1986 reprint. Cloth. Contains color reproductions of the first edition's plates, biographical sketches of its subjects, and an historical account of its author and publication. $150.00

Alice C. Hudson and Barbara Cohen-Stratyner. Heading West, Touring West. Mapmakers, Performing Artists, and the American Frontier. New York, 2001. Paper. Based on two exhibitions at The New York Public Library, this volume addresses two narratives of Western settlement; the maps which charted the new territory, and the ephemera of the touring performers who entertained the settlers. The book is illustrated with many contemporary maps, prints, and photographs. $22.00

Paul Hulton. The Work of Jacques Le Moyne De Morgues. London, 1977. Cloth. Two volumes in slip case. A superior study of the drawing and prints of Le Moyne. $250.00

Donald M. Jacobs, ed. Courage and Conscience. Black and White Abolitionists in Boston. Bloomington, 1993. Cloth. A history of the small but focused African-American abolitionist community of Boston, with many contemporary illustrations and a chapter devoted to the art of the anti-slavery movement. $39.95

Christopher W. Lane. "Even More Unconventional Currier & Ives." From Imprint. Volume 30, Number 2; Autumn 2005. Paper. The complete issue of Imprint, featuring this seven page illustrated article on prints issued by the Currier & Ives firm that fall outside the conventional type of popular lithograph for which it is so well known. $15.00

Christopher W. Lane. Impressions du Niagara. A travers la collection du Dr Charles Rand Penney. Mouscron, Belgium, 2002. Paper. French text and many full-color illustrations. A new catalogue, produced to accompany an exhibition held in Lille, France, and in Mouscron, Belgium, from the Penney collection of prints of Niagara Falls. This catalogue includes prints with a particular emphasis on images with a European viewpoint. The Penney collection has been fully documented by Lane in Impressions of Niagara listed below. $12.00

Christopher W. Lane. "A History of McKenney and Hall's History of the Indian Tribes of North America." From Imprint. Volume 27, Number 2; Autumn 2002. Paper. The complete issue of Imprint, featuring the 15 page illustrated article on the publication history McKenney and Hall's American Indian portrait prints. $15.00

Christopher W. Lane. Impressions of Niagara. The Charles Rand Penney Collection of Prints of Niagara Falls and the Niagara River from the Sixteenth to the Early Twentieth Century. Philadelphia, 1993. Two essays, documentary catalog of 706 items, three indexes, bibliography and chronology. Describes prints and maps of Niagara Falls and the Niagara River from the 17th to 20th century. Includes Addendum and Corrigendum compiled in 2002. Paper $35.00; Cloth $55.00; Addendum only $5.00

Christopher W. Lane and Donald H. Cresswell. Prints of Philadelphia ...Featuring the Wohl Collection. Philadelphia, 1990. Paper. Describes prints of Philadelphia from the 18th century through the 1930s. $18.00

Jay T. Last. The Color Explosion: Nineteenth-Century American Lithography. Santa Ana (CA), 2005. Cloth. With 400 color illustrations, this book discusses the European roots of lithography and its commercial and technical development in America, examining about 60 firms in detail and providing brief notes on over 800 others. Along with overviews of the technical and business aspects of lithography, applications of American lithography are dealt with and illustrated, including book illustrations, sheet music covers, historical and contemporary prints, maps and city views, advertising cards and posters, circus and theatrical posters, and box and container labels. Temporarily Out of Stock

The Library Company of Philadelphia and The Historical Society of Pennsylvania. Made in America. Printmaking 1760-1860. Philadelphia, 1973. Paper. Exhibit catalogue packed with interesting information. $12.50

Stefan Lorant. The New World. First Pictures of America. New York, 1946. Cloth. Out of Print. Treats maps and prints in the two volumes of DeBry's Voyages concerning the French settlements in Florida (1562-1565) and the Virginia colony (1585-1590). Much on Jacques LeMoyne and John White. $75.00

Debra N. Mancoff. David Roberts. Travels in Egypt & the Holy Land. Rohnert Park, 1999. Paper. The story of the Scottish artist's 1838 expedition to the Middle East, which resulted in the exquisite hand-tinted lithographs issued during the next decade. Richly illustrated. $30.00

Maybelle Mann. The American Art-Union. Revised edition. Florida, 1987. Paper. A history and description of this ground-breaking institution, founded in 1839 as the Apollo Association. Many black & white plates. $14.95

Peter C. Marzio. The Democratic Art. Pictures for a 19th-Century America. Boston, 1979. Cloth. Out of Print. The first sweeping study of American chromolithographic prints, bringing them into prominence as never before. Many of the greatest American graphic artists are put into perspective by this book. $125.00

A. Hyatt Mayor. Popular Prints of the Americas. New York, 1973. Cloth. A beautifully illustrated, wide-ranging folio which surveys the field from mid-16th-century Mexican woodcuts to early 20th-century comic strips. $45.00

Cindy McCreery. Ports of the World: Prints from the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, ca. 1700-1870. London, 1999. Cloth. This handsome volume reproduces European and American views of harbors throughout the world. Many of these engravings were commissioned to record voyages of exploration and discovery and to depict newly-discovered or established ports. $32.95

Ellen G. Miles. Saint-Memin and the Neoclassical Profile Portrait in America. Washington, D.C., 1994. Cloth. A handsome volume cataloguing the memorable profile portraits by the French artist whose images have come to epitomize the Federal period in America. $95.00

Edward K. Muller. A Concise Historical Atlas of Pennsylvania. Mueller., 1989. Paper. Using historical, antique cartography and new thematic maps, this volume surveys Pennsylvania history from Indian cultures to the discovery of oil by Edwin Drake. (Retailed at $29.95) $19.95

Milo M. Naeve. John Lewis Krimmel. An Artist in Federal America. Cranbury, N.J., 1987. Cloth. Biography and catalogue of the work of this significant Philadelphia painter and printmaker. $75.00

National Geographic Society. Historical Atlas of the United States. Washington, 1993. Cloth. Using antique maps, prints, photos and other artifacts as illustrations this atlas chronologically depicts the cartography of the territories that became the United States, from 1400 to the 1990s. Includes a folded wall map, overlay in four scales, and flat magnifier. $100.00

Mark E. Neely Jr. & Harold Holzer. The Union Image: Popular Prints of the Civil War North. Chapel Hill, 2000. Cloth. The Civil War as perceived by Northerners, depicted in both contemporary and retrospective images. $49.95

Ewell L. Newman in collaboration with Ladd MacMillan. A Guide to Collecting Currier & Ives: Appreciating and Displaying America's Favorite Prints. New York, 1975. Paper. Out of print. This small-size, 158 page guide gives an overview of the subject in four chapters: The America of Currier & Ives; A Panorama of Prints; Originals, Reproductions and Restrikes; and, The Care, Matting and Framing of Prints. $10.00

The Old Print Shop. Best Fifty Currier & Ives Lithographs. Large Folio Size. New York, 1933. Paper. The original "Best of Currier & Ives" listing, with b&w reproductions of each print. $30.00

The Old Print Shop. Best Fifty Currier & Ives Lithographs. Small Folio Size. New York, 1934. Paper. The original "Best of Currier & Ives" listing, with b&w reproductions of each print. $30.00

Howard Peckham, ed. Liberty's Legacy: Our Celebration of the Northwest Ordinance and The United States Constitution. Ohio, 1987. Paper. Catalogue of exhibit, including many prints and maps. $10.00

Sally Pierce. Boston Lithography 1825-1880. Boston, 1991. Cloth. This beautifully illustrated book contains a survey history of lithography in Boston, large format reproduction and annotation of 125 selected items, and an invaluable directory of 123 firms from that era. $48.00

Sally Pierce with Catharina Slautterback and Georgia B. Barnhill. Early American Lithography. Images to 1830. Boston, 1997. Paper. A scholarly catalogue co-produced by the Boston Athenaeum and the American Antiquarian Society, surveying the formative period of American lithography. $24.00

Jessie J. Poesch, ed. Printmaking in New Orleans. Jackson (MS), 2006. Cloth. Fourteen essays, originally presented at the 19th annual meeting of the North American Print Conference in 1987, trace the development of printmaking in New Orleans from colonial times through the present and feature considerable biographical information about the printmakers themselves. Heavily illustrated. $50.00

Walton Rawls. The Great Book of Currier & Ives' America. New York. 1979. Cloth. Out of print. This gorgeous, oversize, 487 page book contains more than four hundred illustrations (over three hundred in full color) fully captioned, with its original title, date of publication, and artist whenever known. $85.00

Wendy Wick Reaves. American Portrait Prints. Washington, 1984. Cloth. Using portraiture as a springboard, the book surveys political and entertainment prints from the Federalist period to the age of photography. $40.00

John W. Reps. Cities of the Mississippi: Nineteenth-Century Images of Urban Development. Columbia (MO), 1994. Cloth. Selects the most interesting views of towns and cities along the entire Mississippi River. $59.95

John W. Reps. Cities on Stone. Nineteenth Century Lithograph Images of the Urban West. Fort Worth, 1979. Attractive Amon Carter Museum exhibition catalogue, complete with color plates and a fine introductory essay. Cloth $35.00; Paper $12.50

John W.Reps. Saint Louis Illustrated. Columbia, 1989. Cloth. Nineteenth-century engravings and lithographs of a Mississippi River metropolis. Superb, extensively illustrated work. $44.95

John W. Reps. Views and Viewmakers of Urban America. Columbia, 1984. Cloth. A huge listing of lithographic views of towns and cities in the United States and Canada, with notes on the artists and publishers and a union catalogue of their works. Covers the period of 1825 to 1925. A massive achievement. $125.00 One used copy available for $75.00

John W. Reps. Washington On View. The Nation's Capital Since 1790. Chapel Hill, 1991. Cloth. Another magnificent work from John Reps. A copiously illustrated history of views and maps of our nation's capital since its founding. $75.00

John W. Reps. Bird's Eye Views. Historic Lithographs of North American Cities. New York, 1998. This large volume documents over 100 aerial perspective views executed in color lithography between 1838 and 1908, providing a rich visual record of American cities as they appeared a century ago. $70.00

Laura Rice. Maryland History in Prints 1743-1900. Baltimore, 2002. Cloth. The etchings, lithographs and engravings contained in this volume portray Maryland life as never before seen in a single volume. This book will appeal to historians as well as art enthusiasts. $75.00

Dayle Roylance and Nancy Finlay. Pride of Place. Early American Views from the Collection of Leonard L. Milberg '53. Princeton, 1983. Paper. Well-illustrated catalogue of the collection at the Princeton University Library. $20.00

Robert A. Rutland. The American Solution. Origins of the United States Constitution. Wash., 1987. Paper. The story of the U.S. Constitution accompanied by prints and maps, with emphasis on Philadelphia. $8.00

Peggy and Harold Samuels. Remington. The Complete Prints. New York, 1990. Cloth. Out of print. Compiled by the preeminent biographers of Remington, this attractive volume provides a pictorial biography of the artist, reproducing 148 prints published during the artist's lifetime. $45.00

Seymour I. Schwartz. The French and Indian War. 1754-1763. The Imperial Struggle for North America. Edison, NJ, 1999. Cloth. A reissue of Schwartz's very good history of the French & Indian war. This book uses many contemporary prints and maps. $30.00

Pamela Scott. Temple of Liberty. Building the Capitol for a New Nation. New York, 1995. Paper. A history of the Capitol building, liberally illustrated with prints, maps, and drawings from the Library of Congress. $21.95

Kim Sloan. A New World: England's First View of America. Chapel Hill, 2007. Cloth. With 250 color illustrations, this book reproduces in full the celebrated but rarely seen British Museum collection of watercolors by gentleman-artist John White. With six chapters by four authors, the book places White and his work in their historical, cultural and artistic context. $60.00

Martin P. Snyder. City of Independence. New York, 1975. Cloth. Out of Print. The definitive book on maps and prints depicting Philadelphia before 1800. $45.00

Martin P. Snyder. Mirror of America: The Developing Life of Philadelphia Seen in Engravings, 1801-1876. Martin P. Snyder, 1996. Paper. Typewritten text. Sequel to Snyder's City of Independence. $40.00

David Tatham, ed. North American Prints, 1913-1947: An Examination at Century's End. Syracuse, 2006. Cloth. Essays from the 2000 conference. Eight contemporary scholars examine the rich diversity in the subject, style and geography of printmaking in this singular period of artistic creation. $34.95

David Tatham. Winslow Homer and the Pictorial Press. Syracuse, 2003. Cloth. A history of Homer's career as an illustrator for publications including Harper's Weekly, Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, and Appleton's Journal, among others. Tatham provides the historical, commercial, and aesthetic context for Homer's success, and examines many works closely. Illustrated. $39.95

David Tatham, ed. Prints and Printmakers of New York State, 1825-1940. Syracuse, 1986. Cloth. Essays from the 1981 conference. Scholarly and authoritative treatments of hitherto neglected aspects of the history of prints in New York State. $35.00

S. Robert Teitelman. Birch's Views of Philadelphia. Two Hundredth Anniversary Edition. Philadelphia, 2000. Cloth. A reduced facsimile of William Russell Birch's The City of Philadelphia . . . as it appeared in the Year 1800. The twenty-seven engravings are reproduced in full color, with accompanying photographs of the sites as they appeared in 1960 and in 2000. $45.00

Ron Tyler, et al. American Frontier Life. New York, 1987. Cloth. Good work on western paintings and prints. $39.95

Ron Tyler, ed. Prints and Printmakers of Texas. Proceedings of the Twentieth Annual North American Print Conference. Austin, 1997. Cloth. This eclectic collection of essays provides fascinating glimpses of Texas iconography, from early lithography and homeography to Dust Bowl printmaking and 1960's popular arts. Illustrated. $39.95

U.S. Naval Academy Museum. Currier & Ives Navy. Annapolis, 1983. Paper. A copiously illustrated and informative catalogue of Currier & Ives prints in the Beverly R. Robinson Collection. $18.00

Nicholas B. Wainwright. Philadelphia in the Romantic Age of Lithography. Philadelphia, 1970. Cloth. Out of Print. The definitive work on early lithography in Philadelphia. Includes a descriptive list of Philadelphia scenes made by Philadelphia lithographers before 1866. Illustrated. $85.00

Gerald Ward, ed. The American Illustrated Book in the Nineteenth Century. Charlottesville, 1987. Cloth. Essays on illustrations in books from the proceedings of the North American Print Conference. $30.00

Ray Ward. March Into the Endless Mountains: The Beginnings of War on the Western Frontier of America, the Preface Year - 1778-79. Waverly, N.Y., 2006. Paper. In vivid detail, Ward describes warfare spreading amid the mountains and along the Susquehanna River, in Pennsylvania's "Endless Mountains" region. Inscribed by the author. $19.95

Russell F. Weigley, editor. Philadelphia, A 300-Year History. New York, 1982. Cloth. A lively and scholarly history of the City of Brotherly Love. Uses old prints and maps well. $27.50

Richard S. West. Satire on Stone. The Political Cartoons of Joseph Keppler. Urbana, 1988. Extensive explanations of Keppler's political and economic works, most of which appeared in "Puck" during the late nineteenth century. Large format illustrations and biographies of his contemporaries. $39.95

Wendy Wick. George Washington. An American Icon. Washington, 1982. Cloth. A well-written and generously illustrated book on the printed life portraits of Washington. $30.00

John Wilton-Ely. The Mind and Art of Giovanni Battista Piranesi. London, 1988. Paper. In this copiously illustrated book, one of the world's foremost Piranesi scholars offers a full reappraisal of a complex artist, covering every aspect of his life and work. $24.95


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