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Revolt of the Netherlands (1567-1609)


Engraving of the Low Country revolt against Spain. Early seventeenth century. Engravings. Ca. 5 x 6 1/2. Very good condition.

Holy Roman Emperor Charles V (also King of Spain as Charles I) abdicated his thrones in 1556, bequeathing both Spain and the Netherlands to his son Philip. In response to Philip's trying to limit the economic, political, and religious freedoms they had hitherto taken for granted, the Dutch revolted against the Spanish Crown in 1567. Despite the strength and cruelty of the generals sent against them by Philip, in particular the Duke of Alva (1567-1573) and the Duke of Parma (1578-1592), the Dutch were able to establish an independent republic in the northern seven provinces in 1579. In the following years, neither the northern Dutch nor the Spanish could make any real progress in this conflict, and so in 1609 a twelve year truce was signed. These images show episodes in the cruel and bloody war that preceded this truce.

$75 each

Pl. 44. Duke of Alba calls together the sons of Spain's regions.
Pl. 51 Magnus.
Pl. 58 Ziericzee.

Pl. 64. The storming of Antwerp.
Pl. 141. The execution of the traitor Franciscus Basa.
Pl. 178. Boxem's dead are strewn in the fields.
Pl. 184. Duke of Parma surrounds Neuz.
Zutphaniam, Zutphania
Pl. 203. Zutphen crumbles, hopeless under attack by the Spanish.
Pl. 213. The Duke of Nassau amassed glory in war.
Nassovii, Wesel, Buirek
Pl. 223. Battle between Philip & the Prince of Nassau.
Scotus, Iberi
Pl. 247 The Dutch are beaten by Spanish treachery.
Pl. 248 Albertus.
Pl. 258. Battle of Wachtendonck.
Bredevora, Alten, Breford
Pl. 269. Nighttime attack on Brevoort.
Gulick, Stetterich, Aldenhoven, Nierstien, Vogelsanck
Pl. 284. Stetterich, Gulick, Aldenhoven.


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