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From 1834 to 1907 the firm of Currier & Ives provided for the American people a pictorial history of their country's growth from an agricultural society to an industrialized one. For nearly three quarters of a century the firm provided "Colored Engravings for the People" and in the process became the visual raconteurs of nineteenth-century America. Some of the finest artists of the day were engaged by the firm to produce a variety of prints, including images of newsworthy events and prints depicting every subject relating to American life: sports, games, home life, religion, entertainment, views of cities, and so forth. Charming and colorful, these are wonderful examples of the work of "America's printmakers."

We have a large inventory of original prints by Nathaniel Currier and Currier & Ives. A small selection is illustrated below and a text only listing of our complete inventory is also available. If there is a particular print or type of print which you are seeking, please feel free to contact us so that we can keep you informed of their availability.

A word about condition: Most Currier & Ives prints that you will find on the market are not in stable condition and will deteriorate over time. Such inherent instability is exacerbated over the life of the print by acidic framing materials, like wood backing or wood-pulp matting. Even if the print currently shows no signs of waterstains, foxing, or significant browning, the paper is still acidic and as such will deteriorate, more and more visibly, over time: any print which has been in contact with an acidic environment will be itself acidic. This fact is important to bear in mind when purchasing Currier & Ives prints. They can be deacidified, but this is an added expense and should be factored into the 'purchase price' of the print. For this reason, we take special care to deacidify and otherwise conserve the Currier & Ives prints in our inventory. When you purchase these prints from us, you have a print which is stable and will last indefinitely, assuming it is properly treated henceforth.

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A sampling of our inventory of Currier & Ives prints

The Rubber
L. Maurer. "The Rubber. 'Put to his Trumps.'" N Currier, 1838-56. Large folio. 19 5/8 x 15 3/4. A few short repaired tears; one just into image at right. C:5247.

A wonderful images of a card game in a room at a home or tavern. Two spectators look on the intense action at the table. A print of George Washington (no doubt a Currier print) hangs over the mantle. $1,600

Full Hand
"'A Full Hand.'" By "F.C." Currier & Ives, 1884. Small folio. Vignette, ca. 13 1/4 x 10. Repaired tears at edges. C:2204.

A delightful cartoon showing a father with four children in his "full hand." $475

Basic ReferenceChristopher W. Lane with D.H. Cresswell & C. Cades. A Guide To Collecting Currier & Ives. Philadelphia, 2001. Paper. A basic guide which discusses the nature of Currier and Ives prints and the issues involved in collecting them. $8.00


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