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James Cook's Voyages

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James Cook (1728-1779), was one of the greatest explorers of any age. These prints are from his three voyages to the Pacific (1768-1779). Cook's first two expeditions were launched in an attempt to find the great southern continent (Antarctica) which was generally believed to exist but which had yet to be discovered. Cook was unsuccessful in his search for this continent, but his discovery of many new lands and his gathering of much scientific information on the Pacific Ocean made these voyages some of the most important in history. These prints and maps provide contemporary and accurate images from this great episode in the exploration of our world.

West Coast of America



South Pacific Islands



Prints from A Collection of Voyages Round the World: Performed by Royal Authority. Containing a Complete Historical Account of Captain Cook's First, Second, Third and Last Voyages. London: Alex Hogg, 1790. Each print approximately 4 1/4 x 7. Engravings. Many with rough edges where bound into volumes, sometimes affecting title area or edge of image. Specific condition report for any print is available upon request.

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West Coast of North America


Kamchatka Peninsula


New Zealand

Other locations


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