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French Cavalry Prints

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Prints by Van Blarenberghe. From Comte de Drummond de Melfort's Trait sur la Cavalerie.. Paris: Guillaume Desprez, 1776. Engravings. Imperial folio, ca. 23 1/2 x 35. Some have old (treated) mildew stains in the lower margin, sometimes affecting the engraved image. Otherwise, these are in generally very good condition. Please contact us for a specific condition report on any particular print.

From a series of prints illustrating standard formations and uses of cavalry issued for the French army at the time of the American Revolution. Much has been made of eighteenth century naval warfare in which opposing fleets rigidly followed prescribed maneuvers. The result was maximum parade and minimum battle, and the admiral who broke from tradition would be vigorously punished. A similar pattern existed for the army. Fashion, grace of movement, and set patterns were the order of the day for cavalry. These prints illustrate how large bodies of cavalry could be controlled by one order being given and the entire contingent moving uniformly. At a time when armies were getting much larger and fire power was increasing, this was a way for commanders to control troop movements once the fighting began. These are lovely prints featuring graceful horses and riders, but with a serious purpose in history.

Note that the prints are wrapped with mylar, so there are some reflections in the images below that are just from the photography. Note also that we have other prints from this series, so if you would like to see other images similar to any particular print shown below, please contact us.

Plate III
Plate III $425
Plate IV
Plate IV $425
Plate VI
Plate VI $425
Plate VIII
Plate VIII $500
Plate XI
Plate XI. $425
Plate XIII $425
Plate XVI
Plate XVI $425
Plate XVII
Plate XVII. $450
Plate XIX
Plate XIX. $425
Plate XXI
Plate XXI NA
Plate XXII
Plate XXII $450
Plate XXV
Plate XXV. $425
Plate XXVI
Plate XXVI $425
Plate XXVIII. $450
Plate XXX
Plate XXX $450
Plate XXXI
Plate XXXI $425


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